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Giraffes: the long and the short of their survival as a species

There are less than 80,000 giraffes left in the wild and some subspecies of giraffes are close to extinction. Giraffes are endemic to Africa and all those found elsewhere in the world originate from the continent. Giraffes are an iconic animal of the continent’s savannah and are loved symbols of

Top 10 Largest Birds in The World (Living)

Wondering which is the Largest bird in the world or which is the heaviest bird in the world still living? Then you are at the right place. This article will provide you a list of  Top 10 Largest and heaviest birds in the world. Birds are very adorable, and it

Lions: Facts & Information

Lions are large felines that are traditionally depicted as the “king of the jungle.” These big cats once roamed Africa, Asia and Europe. However, now they are found in only two areas of the world and are classified into two subspecies. Asiatic lions live in India’s Gir

What Do Tigers Eat?

Have you ever caught yourself pondering what do Tigers eat? You can’t say that you haven’t because that means that you wouldn’t have ended up here! Let us teach you all about the dietary habits of one of the most amazing big cats in the world. Tigers

10 wild animals in Sweden and where to see them

Sweden is home to some amazing wild animals. Wanna see them in the wild? Please don’t go straight to the zoo just because it is easy. It is far more rewarding to see an animal in the wild. But where are they? Where is the best place